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Virtual Town Hall – Thu 14 Jul 22 – 2pm Eastern Time

Virtual Town Hall - Thu 14 Jul 22 - 2pm Eastern Time

Key Outcome from 30 June 22 Meeting. Veterans want change and expect that the veteran organisations at ESORT stand up and represent them.  If the terms of reference don’t permit it, then its needs to change.   All comments were constructive and all pretty much agree an independent governing body is the initial answer, but to make real change it needs to be under one voice with greater support from the veteran community and general public!



  • Summary of last week and broad overview of intent of the meeting
  • Key points out of previous weeks
  • Objectives of this meeting:
    • Decide on a course of action.  
  • Suggested solution
    • Bottom up and top down approach
    • Who will be driving/lead this momentum.
      • Ian needs men and women younger than hs 60 years of age to help.
  • Q&A
    • We will use Slido to collect live questions, and Tom will ask people to ask a question.  You might want to ask about Claims, DVA, Commonwealth Superannuation Coporation, ATO etc


Virtual Town Hall - Thu 30 Jun 22 - 2pm Eastern Time

Item 1 – Ground Rules
Item 2 – Progress since the Royal Commission?
Item 3 – The greatest risk to the implementation of the recommendations of the Royal Commission
Item 4 – Governance 

  • A peak body to hold the Commonwealth Accountable
  • A new veteran led governance structure to operate external to DVA and hold DVA accountable with sub-committees for ATO, CSC and ADF.
  • Some might call this replacing ESORT.
  • integrating the medical community
  • integrating advocates
  • Including serving veterans

Item 5 – The McKinsey Report
Item 6 – Invitation to the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs
item 7 – Purpose and Objectives of the Australian Veteran Community
Item 8 – Bringing it together 

  • What can be achieved now and what cannot?
  • How to define the success of today’s Town Hall?
  • Next Steps 

Item 8 – Next Town Hall